Supply Chain Management Consulting

Each supply chain company accepts a custom project. Each is built with the client’s business goals, challenges and opportunities in mind. Projects range across a broad spectrum of industries.

Supply Chain Management Consulting Services are provided in these sub-fields :
* Development of Supply Chain Strategy
• Supply Chain Evaluation
• Supply Chain Modeling/Simulation
• Inventory Analysis/Planning
• Capacity Planning/Simulation
• Supply Logistics Analysis/Simulation
• Identification/development of Core Products/Processes
• Product Line/component Sourcing
• Outsource/Reengineer Assessments
• Supply Partnership Negotiations
• Global Sourcing
• Kan-Ban Supply Logistics Development/Implementation
• Make/Buy Analysis/Planning
• Factory Design/Simulations
• Logistics Analysis/Simulation
• Distribution Channel Design/Simulation
• Process Design/Simulation
• Information Systems Evaluation and Design
• Material Handling Design/Simulation
• Organization Design
• Cellular Manufacturing
• Business Process Reengineering
• Strategic Procurement
• Materials Management
• Project Management




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