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Unless you get a hand on books that explain the nuances of the subject you can not understand fully the concept of that topic.

Logistics is evolving every day. Competition is driving it to enlarge its horizon.
New concepts are getting taking birth with new technologies. Tracking technologies such as bar coding, RFID are defining the way logistics is shaping.

We are listing some of pretty useful books that are widely read and that may be extremely useful to you as well :

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There are good number of websites too that have great educational value for the reader :   Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK  Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply  Logistics Management Institute  Council for Logistics Management in the USA  Supply Chain Council

  • Waters D.(1999) Global Logistics and Distribution Planning
  • Christopher Martin (1998) Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Coyle, Bardi & Langley (1996) The Management of Business Logistics
  • Dix and Baird (1998) Front Office Operations
  • Brewer, Button and Hensher(2001) Handbook of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Arnold J R T (1996) Introduction to Materials Management
  • Gattorna and walters (1996) Managing the Supply Chain

:Recommended for further readings on Supply Chain Management :


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