Scope of Supply Chain Management - scm's expansion encompasses globalization

Since the the stake for the different players is extremely high making it imperative for the partners - including suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and customers behave as if they are part of the same company. Thus scope of supply chain management is vast.



This way only they can enhance performance significantly across the chain.
This amply defines the scope of supply chain management which has to monitor and control the activities right from customer's customer to supplier's supplier.

Principles of Supply chain management too define its scope.
Customer Management ,Process integration , Leveraging of Manufacturing and Sourcing, Strategic

alliances and relationship management etc throw enough light on the length and width of supply chain management's domain.


With Globalization  and resulting competition compelling the business entities the world over to change and adapt the new technologies and concepts ,Supply Chain Management, as concept and tool has emerged as the most important  field of management today. Thanks to the advancement in the Information technology ,managing diverse affairs of the business starting from customer's customer to supplier's supplier is easily attainable.

Management of supply chain as such is management of various functions carried out in a continuous supply chain environment such as demand forecasting, production planning, procuring raw materials for production, manufacturing , managing inventory, processing input to convert into output and finally arranging smooth distribution of the finished product to the retailers.



The geographic reach of Supply Chain Management is immense. Today, a firm producing ready made men's shirt procures the raw materials from African countries, gets manufacturing process done in Asia and sells the product in Europe. The headquarter of the company is situated in Holland.

With great strides being made in the way information is generated, disseminated and collected through the use of Internet , Emails etc great Supply Chains are being witnessed in practically all the processing industries horizontally as well as vertically. From complex and multi supply chains witnessed in production of Iron and Steel , cement etc to small values retail products such as clothes, vegetables are getting into the domain of the supply chain , cutting across the boundaries of the nations. Very aptly, the supply chain has thrown up relevant educational courses and plenty of jobs in the  area of procurement, inventory  control, strategic planning, distribution, transportation etc. 

As the reach of Globalization expands so shall the scope of Supply Chain Management which is being recognized as a major competitive edge of business today.

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